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We represent a community of growers

who are committed to sustainable practices,

have a deep respect for the land,

and who just might love flowers more than you do (!)

We are proud to bring their flowers to market.


Arrowhead Bio Photo.JPG


Established in 2001 Arrowhead Dahlias is a small 3 acre family run specialty cut flower farm located in Platteville Colorado.We take great pride in producing quality fresh, seasonal and local blooms starting in May and continuing through September.  We grow a wide variety of flowers, some of our favorites being cup & saucer, lisianthus and, of course, dahlias!  Our love of nature and plants led us both to this profession and each and every day we enjoy watching the sheer joy fresh flowers bring to people’s faces!



Artemis Flower Farm is owned and operated by Helen Skiba, a Colorado native, former English major, and returned Peace Corps Volunteer, along with her partner Nelson Esseveld, whose Dutch family has imported tulip bulbs from the Netherlands for over 60 years. Helen is a dedicated grower and tender of soil, and brings a background in soil science and poetry to her field work, as well as a passion for intricate color and texture in her designs. Helen developed her design style as an intern at the Lyons Farmette, and at Floret Flowers workshops. She holds a Masters of Agriculture from Colorado State University, where she completed her thesis in combination with her Peace Corps service in an indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Helen farms at the Treehouse Farm Collective, sharing land in west Longmont with two other farming operations. 


Artemis Flower Farm offers bouquet subscriptions, wedding florals, on-farm floral design and gardening workshops, plus tulip bulbs and dahlia tubers, and will be slinging flowers this season at the biweekly Nederland Farmers Market.

Seasonal Being (17 of 17).jpg


A Seasonal Being is a heartfelt flower business run by Sarah Leach (me). I have been a part of the Denver Urban Farm scene for almost 10 yrs. A Seasonal Being is my first solo farming adventure. It began in my own yard on the Westside of town. I'm happy to report that I will begin production on a 1/4 acre parcel this season. I grow specialty cut flowers as well as herbs for market, CSA, and events. 

Aspen Meadows PIC.jpg


The beauty of flowers brings me such joy, wanting to share that joy with others is why I started Aspen Meadow Flower farm. I’m Amy Blevins and I own a small farm located near the highest point of the Palmer Divide in Larkspur Colorado. At an elevation of over 7300 feet, it offers opportunities to leverage the unique qualities of this Colorado landscape. As well as having annuals, I’m continuing to add selections of perennials, natives and woody shrubs to my 5-acre property. My focus on growing in a sustainable manner that helps the environment is very important to me and I’m proud to be a part of the local, seasonal, cut flower movement.

Beezy Farm Bio Photo.jpg


Beezy Farm began its roots in Arvada, Colorado in 2022 by Nicole McCrorie and Tyler Vankanan. Nicole and Tyler are Colorado Master Gardeners with a background in Colorado native plants. Beezy Farm began as a dream that has grown to half an acre of gorgeous fresh cut flowers. Since last year, they have doubled the variety of flowers grown. They are very excited to grow their business, and look forward to serving their community as part of the Colorado Flower Collective

Blooms Bio Photo.jpeg


Blooms is a family-operated farm in Northern Colorado. We are committed to organic and sustainable practices with a focus on the health of our soil. Our farm has about 5 acres in production, which includes an ever-growing field of dahlias, foliage, and perennials. Our flowers and foliage are currently offered to floral designers and in select boutique grocers. Participating in the advancement of the local flower industry is central to our mission. We are so excited and honored to be a part of the Colorado Flower Collective.

Blush_Sue and Flowers Photo_edited.jpg


The flowers at Blush Flowers on Vine are sustainably grown on our small family farm by me (Sue) with a lot of help from my two teenage sons, and my husband in Fort Collins.  In our 5th year of operation, we grow over 50 different species of focal and filler flowers, as well as interesting foliages and seed pods so that local designers can have the freshest and most interesting selections for their creations.

Cherry Farm Bio Photo.jpg


Hi, I'm Patty, and along with the help of my husband Carl,  operate our specialty cut flower farm, Cherry Farm Flowers.  Founded in 2015, we make the most of just under 1 acre, sustainably growing flowers and foliages, including favorites like peonies, lisianthus, amaranthus, stock, snapdragons and more.  It gives us such happiness to produce a wide variety of beautiful blooms, selling on our roadside flower stand to our Northern Colorado community and directly to local florists. 



Crescendum Flower Farm is a family owned and run micro-farm on the edge of Olde Town in Arvada, established in 2020.  We offer an array of cut perennials, annuals, branches and shrubs with a focus on those that are native to the Rocky Mountain region.  We grow all of our plants using organic practices and strive to provide both our retail and wholesale clients with high-quality, locally grown flowers, grown in the most sustainable way possible.  Cheers! -The Kushiks

Denver Daylilies Bio Photo.jpg


Denver Daylilies is run by Suzanne Thomas along with her twin sister, Shelley Thomas, and Shelley's eldest daughter, Chelsea Rose Thomas. Our gardens are spread across multiple yards in west Denver. Lifelong gardeners and Colorado natives, we love growing a wide variety of flowers. Discovering what's blooming in our gardens thrills us throughout the summer. Sharing the beauty of those flowers with other people is deeply satisfying.

Father Earth Frank Bio Photo.jpeg


I’m Frank Hodge, founder and owner of Father Earth Organic Farm. We are a small 2-acre farm in Lafayette Colorado that was established in 2012. We are a grower of organic fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. We provide food for farmer’s markets as well as for a small CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm share. Should we have a surplus, we donate to food banks such as Sister Carmen, Community Food Share, or Uproot Colorado. Most of the flowers we grow are dry flowers such as statice, strawflowers, and gomphrena. We also grow lisianthus, snapdragon, and sea lavender. We have not moved into the online market yet, so we market our products to CSA membership, farmers markets, and the flower collective.

FP bio photo.jpeg


Flwr Pwr is a small-scale flower farm and floral design service in Denver, CO. We intend to steward land in Colorado by using sustainable practices while disrupting the current systems in the agriculture industry. Turning backyards into lush flower gardens that inevitably promote pollination and healthy ecosystems for our planet! We cultivate flowers, herbs and perennials under this philosophy, to ensure you get the freshest flowers, while educating folks and enriching a safe space for flower lovers. 


high balsam bio photo.jpg

High Balsam Farm is a local, woman-owned labor of love farm. Beth comes from an education including a degree in Biology with study of life from the micro such as Mycology and Microbiology to the macro level including ecology and how plants fit in our world over time. In my graduate studies as an Educational Specialist, deep consideration of systems that support people and how systemic oppression has robbed marginalized groups has been important to my process as a farmer. As a Montessori trained kid and Naturalist, I grew up with permaculture. High Balsam Farm incorporates all these concepts including building a tiny home, Hugelkultur beds, erosion control, bird's nest bed terraces, contour farming, mycormediation of soil and water, beekeeping, pollinator friendly practices and promoting multicultural awareness. My hope is that community building is rooted in these ways. With mushrooms cultivated both in and outdoors, offering seasonal varieties including Lion’s Mane, Blue/Pink/ Golden and King Oysters, Chestnuts, Shiitake, Piopino enrich the diets and culinary palettes. It is an honor to source food and flowers to the community and share my passions in farming beauty.

Kanyini bio photo.jpg


Kanyini Farm is a small flower farm in Northwest Colorado just outside of Hayden. We grow exclusively in greenhouses, allowing us to have never ending summer. We specialize in a small variety of popular flowers, and heirloom tomatoes. Our goal is to bring out the absolute best in these beauties through organic, sustainable practices incorporating lots of love, biodynamic and electro culture into the mix. Doing our best to bring beauty and smiles into the world. 

Little Hollow Bio Photo2.jpeg


Little Hollow Flowers is owned and operated by Dustin Saunders and Kate Davenport. Located in Berthoud, Colorado, we cultivate a variety of annuals, perennials, woody shrubs and fruit trees on 5 acres with a focus on sustainable practices. Our mission is to provide greater access to locally grown flowers along Colorado’s Front Range, to showcase unique varieties that reflect the beauty and diversity found throughout our local landscapes, and to apply growing techniques that are well suited to our farm’s region and scale. Our work is driven by a love for flowers and the joy of sharing them.

Aubrey Local Blooms.jpeg


My name is Aubrey Brinkworth and I am a grower in the Grand Valley on the Western Slope. I have been a plant enthusiast my whole life, but started flower farming for my “soul health”. At Local Blooms Flower Farm we strive to grow beautiful and unusual varieties cut at the optimal harvest time to bring you the best product possible. We take land stewardship seriously using organic products and conservative watering practices and are ever mindful of our beneficial insect, bird, reptile and microbial neighbors. Thank you for supporting Local Blooms Flower Farm by purchasing through the Colorado Flower Collective. Together we can make tomorrow more purposeful!

Marsha My Sweet Flower Patch Bio Photo.jpg


Marsha Lembitz A native Coloradoan, Marsha is an avid gardener and grows flowers to bring a little joy into our world. Her micro-Farm is located in Berthoud Colorado.  I am committed to using organic and sustainable practices to grow beautiful blooms.  I cultivate flowers without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.  It takes healthy soil to grow the best plants and flowers, which I accomplish through soil amendments, compost, and crop rotations.

Ostara CO Flower Collective Photo.jpg


Hello! My name is Heidi, and along with my partner Michael, we are the farmers and stewards of Ostara Flower Farm in Brighton. The heartbeat of our little farm lives within creating space for celebration and healing through flowers, building a haven for pollinators, and implementing sustainable practices that embrace the landscape and seasonal offerings. Flowers are our muses–they help us understand who we are and how to uncover our resilience and inner strengths. They show us what community and friendship mean, and they can teach us how to live with purpose. In being a smaller farm, we are able to offer quality, regionally adapted flowers to our surrounding mountain and prairie communities. We welcome love in all forms, and offering beautiful flowers to others for their rituals of love and healing is what makes our hearts sing!

Alex Petite Bungalow Bio Photo.jpeg


Petite Bungalow Blooms is a micro cut-flower operation in the heart of Denver. Alex specializes in cultivating premium focal flowers, with an emphasis on quality over quantity, carefully nurturing each stem with both perfection and sustainability in mind. Follow along @petitebungalowblooms for some behind the scenes beauty and a sneak peak at what is growing!

Prairie Harvest Organics.jpeg




We are a small family owned and operated cut flower farm on the property of Salt & Acres in Fort Lupton.  In 2022, our flower farm was an aspiration to get back to the simple joy and deep interconnection between our community and the land. We crave to make a responsible mark on this place we call home and to share it with our fellow Coloradoans through the beauty of flowers and the spaces they occupy. We are thrilled to join the Colorado Flower Collective this year and be in company with these amazing growers. 

Diana wedding arrangement.jpg


Welcome to Rocky Mountain Blooms, I'm Diana.  When we bought our three acre property 15 years ago it was my dream to start a flower farm.  I officially started my farm operation in 2018 with the support of my husband, Terry, focused on dahlias which I have grown for over 30 years.  It has always been my favorite since I lived in Oregon in the late 90's just five miles from Swan Island Dahlias.  I love experimenting with new varieties of flowers that are compatible in our Colorado climate and region.  All our crops are hand tended, from the initial starting of the seed to the soil prep, planting and harvesting using sustainable practices at every step.  Let's grow the domestic flower community, one stem at a time!  Thank you to the Colorado Flower Collective for creating these opportunities.

Rowdy Poppy  Bio Photo.jpg


Rowdy Poppy was launched in 2018 and is the soul-child of grower and designer Kim Zimmerman. It is both a floral design house as well as an urban microfarm in the heart of Denver. Kim grew up in the Southeast and her gardening life started with her grandmother Gaga’s vegetable plot and prized African violets, eventually growing into Master Gardener training, Floret flower farming course, volunteer support to the horticulture staff at Denver Botanic Gardens, and many other formal and self-driven studies. Rowdy Poppy is Kim’s way of diving deeper into plant cultivation, swirling in her love of design, and leading a local and eco-friendly path for the future of floristry. Kim runs the business with her wife Michelle and the “help” of their many fur babies Panda, Dr. Mo Jellybeans, Harvey Wallbanger, and Tobin.



SheGrows is owned by Gina & Rodman Schley and is a 3-acre family farm in Arvada specializing in lavender, herbs, and specialty cut flowers.  The farm is nestled between Boulder and Golden, about 20 minutes from downtown Denver. Cut flowers range from classic farm faire like zinnias and cosmos, to exquisite varieties of tulips, ranunculus, poppies, dahlias, and ornamental wheat, grains, and woodies. The farm not only grows beautiful flowers but it is used to educate teenage girls on creative entrepreneurial endeavors. Follow Gina and her girls @shegrowsflowers on Instagram to stay up to date of educational workshops or schedule a personalized tour. She and her husband, Rodman, produce and star in a PBS television show, Urban Conversion.  Website:

Smokebush Kevin Bio Pic.jpg


Smokebush Farm, located in Boulder county, is owned and operated by Kevin Sheahan. Kevin has a background in sustainability and organic practices. He has been cultivating land across Colorado for over a decade, focusing on growing nourishing food before pivoting to cut flowers. The intention of Smokebush Farm is to feed the soil, sequester co2 from the atmosphere, and disrupt the conventional flower industry by providing chemical-free, unique, and desirable locally grown cut flowers to Colorado flower lovers.

Someday Bio Photo.jpg


Someday Flower Co. is a long-held dream come to fruition by owner and operator, Katharine Pofit. Katie first fell in love with floral design while working in the vibrant New Orleans event industry. Her next adventure led her to a permaculture farm in Colorado. One summer, while growing vegetables, herbs, and berries, she decided to experiment with a small cut flower plot. Her plot soon grew into a source of inspiration and joy, both for Katie and those she shared her flowers with. Katie found that at any moment, flowers have something we can all relate to. They are full of life, fragile at times yet incredibly resilient at other times. She loves how flowers help people express emotion, signal change, and celebrate life stages. She finally decided to stop telling herself, "Someday I'll own my own flower farm" and make it a reality. This season, Katie is stewarding a 1/4 acre of land in Lakewood, focusing on cultivating healthy soils and supporting natural ecosystems. Katie will be growing ranunculus, dahlias and lisianthus plus many whimsical fillers and unique foliage. 

Wild Nectar Farm-61.jpg


We are a small specialty cut flower and herb farm nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside Hygiene, Colorado. Our focus is regenerative agriculture utilizing organic and biodynamic methods and building biodiverse habitat for native pollinators, birds and insects. In addition to growing cut flowers and herbs we grow organic vegetables, medicinals, raise organic chicken eggs and hogs and also keep honey bees! We offer floral design services for home, business or special events, too!

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