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Why local flowers?

It's time to re-establish our connection to the grower and experience flowers with scent and soul, the way nature intended. Local farming grants us access to delicate and heirloom varieties that are less widely available, while cutting out a major chunk of the waste produced from imports. In the same vein as the slow food movement, we believe it's important to know that your flowers are being grown with sustainable practices and the people who bring them to you are being treated fairly and paid a living wage.


By building relationships with local growers, we encourage them to persevere in this challenging vocation and we gain more appreciation for seasonal flowers and foliage. Buy some dahlias fresh from the field and I guarantee you'll be anxiously anticipating August along with those local growers next year.

Find out more about the importance of local flowers and how to use them in your business here:

Who can shop at the market? 

We have opened up our Wednesday morning and Friday morning markets to all wholesale buyers, whether or not they have purchased a Buyer's Pass. You will need to provide a copy of your sales tax license. In order to pre-order, you'll still need a Buyer's Pass. We do not sell to the public. If you're not a wholesale buyer, we recommend ordering flowers through a local florist or buying bulk buckets from one of our participating farms.

Can I pre-order product? 

Yes! In order to access our online shop and pre-order, you'll need to purchase a Buyer's Pass which you can do here. You will need to complete an application and provide a valid sales tax license. The pass fee is good for one year from date of purchase. Once you become a registered buyer, you will receive access to the online shop where product availability is updated weekly. Ordering opens on Tuesday at 8:00am. Ordering closes at 5pm on Wednesdays for Friday market, Monday at 2pm for Wednesday market. We also take further advance orders by email and reserve those flowers with our growers. You can find more info through the links below.

How do I pick up my order?

The main market is open Wednesdays and Fridays 8am -1pm from February through December. We are located at 9975 W. 20th Ave Lakewood, CO.

Please bring your own buckets for transporting your purchases and be prepared to pay for all of your items at the time of pick-up, including pre-orders. Checks or credit cards are accepted.

Do you deliver?

Yes! You can choose delivery or market pick-up at checkout. Delivery prices are based on your location and range from $10 - $40.

Do you rent workspace?

We have 200 square feet of workspace available to rent along with 12'x10' cooler space. Advanced booking is required and you'll need to provide proof of insurance. You can find more details here.

How do I sell my flowers at the market?

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2024 season. Please check back at the end of the season if you're curious about working with us in the future. Preference is given to those with experience producing high quality flowers and foliage for professional florists and designers and those who use sustainable growing practices. We are looking for a product offering that is desirable to a buyer's pool of event florists and retail florists, and are currently interested in adding more shoulder season availability and unique flowers and foliage.

Who is organizing the Collective?

Hi! I'm Stefanie Hofmeister, the Owner and Market Manager. While spending a few years working on a local flower farm, I was impressed by the lengths some florists were going to procure locally grown flowers for their retail shops and event work; often traveling to multiple farms to gather the necessary product each week. I was also struck by the amount of time that was given over to administrative tasks on the growers' side in order to coordinate those sales.

Inspired by other regional flower markets 

(Seattle Wholesale Grower's Market, Twin Cities Flower Exchange, Michigan Flower Growers Cooperative, Sonoma Flower Mart, Piedmont Wholesale Flowers), I decided to establish a hub for buying and selling Colorado--grown flowers. By creating a more streamlined process, I hope to encourage more customers to experience the quality of these amazing flowers and allow our farmers to continue focusing on the demands of growing.

Join me!

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